Thursday, June 21, 2018

Diplomacy (poem)

(This will be included in my upcoming release- The Consequences of Long-Term Furniture Ownership

Kenny A. Chaffin
All Rights Reserved © 2018 Kenny A. Chaffin

The vertical platitudes of tranquility
stretched into the sky like pillars of fire
or towers of vanilla ice crème rising
above the huddled masses as the
barrel bombs obliterated them.

Kenny A. Chaffin – 5/29/2018

Friday, June 15, 2018

Republished Amalgams and Prep for New Releases (i.e. What I've been up to)

Sort of in preparation for my next round of publication I made some minor corrections to my Prosthetic Amalgams books as well as addressing a couple of formatting issues and have Republished both of them at Amazon.

I got a start on what will be my next Poetry Collection and will try to pull that together in the next week or so closely followed by a collection of Prose Poetry/Micro Fiction. I'd love to get them both completed and published by the end of June. Quite doable I think. I may actually find that I have enough material for a second new poetry/prose poetry collection as well.

It has been two years since the last book - Prosthetic Amalgams II and something like four years since the last traditional poetry collection publication.

Here we go, wish me luck! :)

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Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Long Term Forecast (poem)

Long Term Forecast
Kenny A. Chaffin
All Rights Reserved © 2018 Kenny A. Chaffin
It turns out that Phil
was actually Phyllis.

No one had bothered
to check, so now due
to this perverse sexual
misogyny Punxsutawney
and associated regions
will pay with at least seven
years of bad-ass weather

Kenny A. Chaffin – 1/28/2018