Wednesday, May 8, 2013

It’s War I Tell You!

It’s War I Tell You!


Kenny A. Chaffin

All Rights Reserved © 2013 Kenny A. Chaffin

They attack my bird feeders, steal the peanuts from the bluejays, run on the fence, chitter and chatter taunting the dog and chase each other up one tree and down the other. Certain tree limbs are like an interstate highway to them apparently.  I cut one big branch down yesterday in my continued attempt to keep the trees under control.

Later I look out the window and see a squirrel run up the tree and come to a screeching halt at the cut branch, he looked like I’d just killed his dog. He clamors around checking out the cut and seeming very confused before sadly heading back down and leaping to the fence to continue his squirrely mission.

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Kenny A. Chaffin writes poetry, fiction and nonfiction and has published poems and fiction in Vision Magazine, The Bay Review, Caney River Reader, WritersHood, Star*Line, MiPo, Melange and Ad Astra and has published nonfiction in The Writer, The Electron, Writers Journal and Today’s Family. He grew up in southern Oklahoma and now lives in Denver, CO where he works hard to make enough of a living to support two cats, numerous wild birds and a bevy of squirrels. His poetry collections No Longer Dressed in Black and The Poet of Utah Park and his collection of science essays How do we Know are available at He may be contacted through his website at