Monday, April 6, 2015

In Word and in Deed (flash fiction)

In Word and in Deed
Kenny A. Chaffin
All Rights Reserved © 2014 Kenny A. Chaffin

They met on the commuter train. Their eyes met across the paired passengers on their way to mostly meaningless jobs. She was like a magnet to him, he couldn’t tear his eyes away, nor could she. When they got off at the same stop downtown, he asked for her number. Within weeks they were inseparable, making the rounds to the clubs, dancing, meeting for dinner. It turned out they lived in adjoining neighborhoods just outside the city. They spent all their spare time together and a few months later they knew they were right for one another. They would be married.
Friends and family joined them at her church for the ceremony. The priest focused on the groom, “Do you Anton take this woman, Ginger for your lawfully wedded wife?”
“I do.”
“Do you Ginger take this man, Anton for your lawfully wedded husband?”
“I do.”
“Have you chosen your joining?”
“We have your holiness.”
“Please place your chosen hands in the bonding box.”

Anton placed his left hand on top of Ginger’s right hand in the box between them. The priest placed his hands on top. “You have each freely chosen to be bonded in holy matrimony. I ask now if there is anyone who has reason to believe this bonding should not happen in the eyes of the Lord let them speak or forever hold their words.” He paused for a moment looking out over the full pews. Hearing only silence he continued. “In my power as granted by divine providence and the laws of our state and country I now join you as man and wife.” A hum filled the air and the familiar blue glow emanated from the box as the couple stiffened and then fell to their knees. “The bonder opened to reveal their joined hands, their heads filled with each other’s thoughts, their hearts pumped the same blood.  “You are now one, joined in blood and flesh by God and man, forever, til death do you part.”