Thursday, June 29, 2017

Angel Mine

Kenny A. Chaffin
All Rights Reserved © 2017 Kenny A. Chaffin

I was shocked when I looked out and saw the angel squatting on my back porch taking a piss. She’d hiked up her white silk gown and a stream of yellow puddled between her feet and ran off the edge of the concrete into the yard. She looked up and saw me at the sliding glass door, smiled and kind of shook her butt before pulling up her panties and standing. A warm golden glow exuding peace and happiness surrounded her and her haunting ethereal features. She winked and was gone. My lawn thereafter was perfect, the envy of the neighborhood.

Kenny A. Chaffin – 3/8/2017


  1. Wow, lucky you, catching a glimmer of angel butt, and having the perfect lawn. I'd say that's a little bit of divine providence :)

    1. Ha! Thank you! Yes! I'm one lucky squirrel!

  2. And Thanks! Still trying to figure out how to follow/subscribe to your blog. I'm sometimes easily confused...just ask the angels....