Tuesday, September 30, 2014

What Happens in Vegas

What Happens in Vegas
Kenny A. Chaffin
All Rights Reserved © 2014 Kenny A. Chaffin

            In my dream Las Vegas was being shoved against the mountains. At first it was actually fun riding the berm of a sand dune as it slid across the desert -- something like surfing  the Sahara. As we approached the mountains the turbulence of the sand increased and a huge lake formed between us and the tall buildings. We struggled to stay on top of the crest and not fall into the flaming abyss that had opened below. I somehow made my way to the left and up a path leading away from the bottomless pit. From there I saw the high-rollers in the high-rise fighting to escape. They were beating against the blue translucent plastic windows with anything they could find. Pushing outward, stretching the hot plastic. Some were already screaming as they fell towards the burning conflagration below them. Others were bending and bulging the plastic windows. Vague body shapes pushing outward beating to escape what to them must be hell -- only to fall free into another. Panic and fear making them fly. 

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